Suavecito email variation

Subject: Suave hair and clear vision?

Preview Text: Both yours today with Suavecito’s buy two get one Free offer through the end of the week!

Body: Suavecito’s best-selling Pomade can keep any hair type styled correctly all day long, out of your eyes and keeping a subtle sheen with non-greasy texture. Original and Firm Hold options both in stock now, and both with a fantastic $25.95 buy two get one Free deal.

Memorial Day is here to call in the real hot weather and outdoor activities, and you’ll need your hair on point through all of it. If you want the best pomade to keep your style up with an easy application and at a price that doesn’t break the bank, look no further! Use a morning application and feel solid all through the day and night and look the part as well.

Free Shipping offered on all orders over $35, US and Canada wide.

Action: Whether you’re a classic pompadour-styled silver screen star, a slick and stage-ready musician, or the artist holding down every day at a festival, don’t miss the deal you need to keep your hair lookin’ suave and cool all day and night. Order now!


Slunks email variation

Subject: Top Style Restocks in Now!

Preview Text: Best-selling styles are finally back, including the #1-selling Konas!

Body: Missed out on the last run? Don’t miss this one! Chances are your favorite shorts are in stock again, get them before they’re gone again! You don’t want to do a classic well-savored summer without them, and with our new Repreve fabric, you can feel more sustainable than ever!

Action: Buy now for a buy two get one FREE deal, plus free shipping on all orders over $70! Normal Free 60-day return policy in case a change of size is in order - They’re best-sellers for a reason, start your summer right!


Wrist Mafia specialty subscription email

Subject: Still looking for those finishing touches?

Preview Text: Limited-time discount on our 3 and 6-month offerings!

Body: With a Wrist Mafia subscription you can guarantee you’ll expand those finishing touch watch options month over month, and our high-quality offerings will ensure that each option will suit you on a dozen different occasions. For a limited time get 5% off on our 3-month package and a full 10% off on our 6-month option! There’s never been a better time to join Wrist Mafia!

Action: Subscribe and Save Today!


Status Audio, Website sectioning

Clean sound, Clean looks

Our products are free of traditional messy logos. You define your sound experience only by what you listen to, where your adventures take you, and the finds you make along the way.

No fluff, all the features

We believe in the elegance of simplicity. Headphones should enable a great listening experience with no useless frills. No matter who is listening or what is being listened to, the best version is right here.

With clean design, the highest quality materials, and a relentless focus on sound - our headphones give you everything you want and no complications or gimmicks.

Drivers with precision

The most critical component should also be the one with the greatest focus put into it, and for any headphone that will always be the Drivers - more commonly known as “speakers”.

Where many companies shy away from the effort to go all out on their drivers, we’ve sourced only the very best quality options, even using some of the technology found in medical hearing aids to get our experience as perfect as possible.


Peking Yummy Facebook ad runs

Chinese New Year Limited-time sale!

Order one week of meals, get another absolutely Free!

Perfectly-sized meals that will satisfy your hunger!

“I am absolutely in love with the Orange chicken and fried rice dish, but absolutely everything is fantastic! I love that I get perfectly portioned meals every day that are actually delicious and satisfying!! 5 stars!” -Christine C.

General showcase video:

Anyone a fan of Peking Duck?!

Get the Duck Box add-on for your next week of Peking Yummy meals at only Half Price!

Want to make it a sharable event? Just select the day, and you’ll get the Jumbo meal for two, with traditional Peking Duck and sides ready at your selected time!

Order Now!

Peking Specialty video:


Maggiano’s Italian newsletter page

The Sizzling Feast of the Decade!

Come visit Magianno’s this week on our 30th anniversary for a feast like no other! Featuring the brand-new Sicilian pie, made fresh in our famous eight-foot real brick wood-fired oven. Our new sourdough mixed crust is an amazing option for any pizza, with everything from zesty red sauce and four cheese to garlic white sauce and creamy mozzarella pairing perfectly with the warm crispy crust.

Need a romantic candlelit date night this Thursday? Our beautiful Light Garden terrace is just the place to pair a classic meal with the best of Italy’s vineyards, with over 100 top-tier bottles on hand to help make a memorable evening.

Come visit as soon as you can, you won’t want to miss this week’s festivities!


Instagram PR Script Ballu’s

We’ve been getting a few ~interesting~ comments about how different our product design is compared to our less effective friends at other brands. We’d just like to give a quick response to those naysayers out there. You’re absolutely right! We do have a product design way outside the box, pun intended, and there’s a reason for that. We started not with what we thought would look most at home on a shelf of similarly spec’d products, but instead with what would produce the absolute leader in the audiophile field. We believe that by crafting the absolute best experience possible, and then making every style decision around that, we’ve managed to create a genuinely unique and innovative product that stands so head and shoulders above all the others that it doesn’t even matter what the old standard was. The old standards get boring - if you’re not just looking to blend in and instead want to experience the most out of your sound, come check out something exciting!


128 East, Blurb

A 3,000 square foot modern concept Bungalow, 128 East sits on a beautifully landscaped 4-acre lot, with a greenery privatized backyard measuring almost two and a half acres. The warm open concept central living area is centered around the kitchen’s combined bar seating and appliance-bearing island, with all countertops finished with an understated Paradisa granite. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances complete the kitchen’s combination of form and function.

At 4 beds and 3 and a half baths, along with a spacious two-car garage and a rotunda driveway, this home impresses from every angle, also including a semi-finished basement and built-in vacuum system.

Come visit our open house all day on May 7th from 11 am to 7 pm!


Landa Video Ad Script

At Landa, we believe that one of the most consistent assets the market has to offer, Real Estate, should be available to more than just financial institutions and wealthy investors. That’s why we’ve built a platform to lower the barrier to entry, welcoming investors with all levels of capital and experience. With the systems to handle all of the paperwork, legal requirements, and even maintenance, Landa makes starting your real estate investing journey an easy experience. Worried you might not have a full grasp of all the important ins and outs? Don’t be, with our Street Smarts tutorials we’ve got you there too and can help with any questions you might have. We’re Landa, Real Estate Investing for Real People, click through to learn more!

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