Top 3 things to do in Nashville

Nashville is a beautiful city known for its music, nightlife, and history especially. If you’re looking for a quick itinerary to see the grandest sights and experience the heart and soul of Nashville, here are the top 3 things to see, do, and experience.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

At the exhibits of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum history and music collide with plaques dedicated to stars like Alan Jackson and Patsy Cline, artifacts as legendary as Johnny Cash’s guitar and Elvis Presley’s golden limo, and of course many rotating temporary exhibits focusing on popular artists.

Here you can also head to Historic RCA Studio B only a quick ride away which played host to legendary recordings from artists like Dolly Parton and Waylon Jennings.


Are you a fan of getting your music fix in person and up close? Nashville’s main thoroughfare has you covered. Lower Broadway, famously known as "Honky Tonk Highway", plays host to many live events every single day. Doing just a bit of bar hopping here can take you through a dozen unique and exciting atmospheres, with some such as the extremely popular Layla’s even keeping a more laid-back theme and hosting everything from classic country to modern Americana.

Grande Ole Opry

Beginning as a radio show all the way back almost a century ago in 1925, Grande Ole Opry has called several different venues home, including the famous Ryman Auditorium. Having hosted many of the most legendary performances of country music in history, it's a must-see venue. Get a behind-the-scenes tour and see everything from the stage itself, standing in the midst of history, to some of the famously unique backstage dressing rooms in all their glamour. There’s a reason Grande Ole Opry is always a featured stop on the city’s best tours list, don’t miss out!

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